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consultations available

Contact Sally to discuss the type of consultation and support you require: 



  • Newly diagnosed and existing type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, diabetes

  • Type 1 diabetes and Pregnancy

  • Type 2 diabetes and pregnancy.

  • Insulin pump therapy (CSII)

    • Introduction to pump therapy

    • Initiation of  pump therapy

    • Upgrade of current pump therapy

    • ongoing support including analysis of pump software reports

  • Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

    • Trial or one off use / insertion / set up / analysis of data

    • Purchase own / set up and ongoing support management

    • set up ndss CGM eligibility, further information can be found here

  • Initiation of insulin for type 2 diabetes

  • Initiation of insulin for gestational diabetes

  • Support and optimisation of your diabetes promoting self management


Mded also provides support and education to other health care professionals and groups working with people managing diabetes, such as schools, supported accommodation services.


  • Presentations, workshops and/or develop management plans for the individual managing diabetes


Appointments can be subsidised under the Medicare benefits scheme (MBS) in the form of 

GP Management Plans (GPMP) or

Team Care Arrangements (TCAs)

these can be discussed and setup with your GP. Further information on care plans can be found here

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